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Visit us on Pinterest. We’ve collected some of our favorite, innovative Makerspace and STEM/STEAM ideas that incorporate concepts such as literacy and social and emotional learning and bring hands-on, interactive learning into the classroom and library.

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Tools That Encourage Curiosity and Discovery

Build a Makerspace or classroom space where creativity has no limits. Our team of former librarians and teachers handpick the latest resources. Looking for recommendations on how to incorporate these materials in your library or classroom? Let us know.

Grade Level Bundles

Encourage innovation, creativity and the arts in your school with a variety of makerspace and DIY kits in grade level packages.

Low Tech and No Tech

Learning doesn’t have to be complicated. Before you dive into circuits and wires, start here with these simple materials for meaningful learning.

Computers and Coding

Nurture future-ready minds. From app building to robotics, propel student learning into 21st-century topics.

Electronics and Circuitry

Spark an interest in physics. Learn the why behind things that shock and zap or see what makes light work.


Calling all junior scientists and mathematicians: develop essential skills using real-world applications.


Skyscrapers, bridges and Ferris wheels don’t happen without a little innovation and genius. Explore man-made marvels and machines.

Professional Books

These books feature an endless supply of ideas for your Makerspace, STEM/STEAM lab or innovation center.

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